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Are you a fan of raking leaves? Maybe as a teenager, you had a nice side gig bringing your rake to the houses in your neighborhood. As an adult, though, you’ve realized that you did so well with that side gig because none of the adults wanted to do it for themselves – and you’re probably feeling the same way now. So what can you do to avoid this tedious task?

One suggestion might be to simply not rake the leaves as often. While our thoughts immediately go to the idea that leaves covering the lawn will suffocate the grass and imagine that it won’t grow back next spring, the fact is that it usually takes quite a bit of leaf cover for that to happen.

Or, you might decide not to rake at all. Some have found that simply mulching the leaves with a lawnmower actually looks nearly as good as a freshly-raked lawn, and tiny leaf bits can actually help to encourage grass growth.

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