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Isn’t it lovely to listen to birds chirping outside your window on a sunny morning? This is why many choose to set up bird feeders in their backyard to attract more birds to their home. Sometimes, though, you might get more than you bargained for. Birds can do a lot of damage to your home if they are attracted in large numbers.

For one thing, bird droppings contain an acid that can erode your pavement and cement, causing damage and pitting. It is also possible that they will set up nests in spots where they cause damage to your home. A nest in a chimney, for example, could cause a chimney fire or smoke damage when the smoke backs back up into your home.

If they build a nest in your vent pipe for your plumbing, you might experience issues with drainage in your sinks.

They might also go after grass seed and other things that you plant. To stop them from doing this you can cover newly planted seeds with grass to make it more difficult to access. You can also install screens over areas where you don’t want the birds to enter.

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