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What Will You Do With Your “Stay At Home” Time?

With most states introducing "stay at home" restrictions, a lot of people are finding themselves with extra time on their hands. Maybe you've already got a big, long list of things you plan to do with this time. But if not, here are a few more suggestions that might...

Do You Have An Uninvited Guest?

Mice, raccoons, rats, squirrels, bats, and bees... All kinds of critters are working hard to sneak their way into the dark cracks and crevices of your home or business, unintentionally causing serious damage. Some of these pests are easy to find, showing themselves at...

How Badly Do You Want To Save?

Saving money is something that interests us all, isn’t that right? Have you ever been tempted to find the cheapest inspector possible to save some money when buying a home? It is understandable, but here are some things to think about before making your choice....

Can You Feel The Pressure?

How high is the pressure inside your water pipes? It should be about 50 pounds per square inch, but it is acceptable to have pressure that is 5 pounds over or below this mark. Anything that is outside of that bracket could either damage your pipes or become very...

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