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How high is the pressure inside your water pipes? It should be about 50 pounds per square inch, but it is acceptable to have pressure that is 5 pounds over or below this mark. Anything that is outside of that bracket could either damage your pipes or become very frustrating when you want to use water in your home. Low water pressure could even cause sudden drops in the temperature of water in your shower when another faucet is opened up, or when you flush the toilet.

So what can be done about issues with water pressure? Since it usually is dependent on external factors, such as the elevation of your home compared with the water supply, as well as the amount of homes nearby, your best friend will be a pressure regulator. If you already have a pressure regulator installed, you might want to take a look and see if you could just change the setting to get the right pressure. If this is not the case, having a plumber install one could solve all your problems.

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