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Do you have aging parents? If so, have you faced the decision whether or not to take them into your home to take care of them? Some have decided to do so since they feel that they can provide their parents with better care than any facility could, but this decision comes with consequences.

Your home is more than likely not set up for an older person, and it might be quite a bit of work required to make it work. There are many dangers that you might not even be thinking of. Just something as simple as walking up or down a stair could be risky for someone that has poor balance or eyesight. So what can you do? Well, just as you would with a young child, you need to consider what could pose a problem for someone that has poor eyesight, slower reactions, or balance issues.

The bathroom is also an extra important area to give attention to. It is easy to slip on wet surfaces, so non-slip mats and sturdy handholds should be installed if they are not there already.

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