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Have you noticed a change in your diet in recent months? Whether it’s because people are cooking for themselves more, or because of the instinct to hibernate during winter, you may be finding yourself eating more rich foods than usual. What some people don’t expect, though, is that the way certain foods are prepared can actually affect their home. How?

Well, as just one example, when certain things like grease or fat are poured down the drain of a kitchen sink, it can cause serious trouble for your plumbing. Bacon grease, for example, is a liquid while you’re cooking that tasty, tasty meat. However, as it cools, it begins to solidify and can coagulate into a water-repellant mass. As you might expect, this can contribute to a very nasty clog in your pipes. To avoid this sort of thing, you could leave the grease on your kitchen counter until it solidifies, and then scrape it into your garbage, and not your sink.

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