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A lot of people don’t realize the importance of properly installing appliances. While it’s true, the effects of an appliance that hasn’t been properly installed can just be a simple annoyance, like a wobbling refrigerator, other effects can be much more dangerous.

Take, for example, the humble clothes dryer. Day by day, it chugs away, turning your sopping wet clothes into a toasty bunch of fresh laundry. However, if not properly installed, a dryer can be a hazard for your home and even a hazard for your life. The exhaust vent on a typical dryer expels around a gallon of water with each load. If the machine is venting indoors, that water can cause serious moisture issues. Also, if the ductwork is not pointed straight out, and has some sharp curves, it may be trapping lint, which can be a major fire hazard. This is just one small example of potential hazards that can come from improperly installed appliances.

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