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Generally speaking, when people are profoundly affected by a crisis, they often do desperate things to get by. Unfortunately, this often leads to crimes like burglary. How can you protect your home from this threat?Here are some simple ways:

Keep your points of entry secure. Solid doors are usually safer than glass doors or doors with windows. Protect or remove windows that are very close to door handles. Ensure there is good lighting pointed around your front and back doors.

Be smart about social media. Especially if you have public accounts, your social media posts may become more like event calendar entries. Vacation photos and even posts about routine habits can tell a thief exactly what days or time of day your property will be easy to access.

Make your home seem less inviting to a thief. Signs of an alarm system, a big dog, or even having someone stay at your home while you’re away can do a lot to make criminals think twice.

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