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Is this your first time working from home? What used to be a rare situation is becoming a normal way of life for millions of Americans. The increase in activity and general “occupancy” in your home may be having some effects on your property that you hadn’t thought of. 

One thing you may notice is that your furniture is receiving additional wear and tear. For example, your dining room table and chairs may be used to a few hours of use per week. Now, you’re spending around 8 hours a day in your “dining room office”. While this has the most direct effect on the furniture, think about the wall or the flooring the chair drags against every time you get up for a cup of coffee or a trip to the bathroom. Normal wear and tear like this is usually absorbed into the overhead cost of operating an office. Now that you’re working from home, part of that overhead becomes your responsibility. Just something to keep in mind when thinking about the overall lifespan of your property.

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