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Trampolines can be a lot of fun for young children, but are you aware of the dangers inherent with having a trampoline? There are hundreds of thousands of trampoline-related accidents annually in the US, and the majority of these involve children.

If you have a trampoline, here are a few rules that you can set to keep your children safe.

There should never be more than one person on the trampoline at one time. A large part of the accidents that happen on trampolines come from people hitting each other in some way.

Young children should never be on the trampoline unsupervised. This will increase the risk of injury and if an injury happens, help might take a long time to arrive.

No one should jump from high objects onto the trampoline. This might look exciting on TV, but can easily lead to fatal injuries.

You might want to install netting around your trampoline to protect your children from the risk of falling off of the trampoline.

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